Out of the frying pan… into the fire

I said I wanted to be honest didn’t I? I said I wanted to give a real, present, on-going account of what this battle is, not what it looks like. I never wanted to paint some black and white picture, coloured only with hindsight, sharpened only by assurances from another, far away side…

This is the hardest thing I’ve ever written down. I feel sick with embarrassment, full to the brim of regret and, yet, strangely light-headed with confusion. Continue reading “Out of the frying pan… into the fire”

Raising awareness carries too much weight

Perhaps last week was quite a strange one to choose to be so quiet, especially in the initial stages of both my writing and recovery journey.

My (non)engagement in EDAW2016 was not so much a definitive stand, more a nervous bather tentatively dipping the tip of their toe in water to see if it is too cold to bear… Continue reading “Raising awareness carries too much weight”